The Regional Strategic Planning Workshop for CY 2016 Implementation of the National Greening Program and Forest Protection Programs was held in three (3) clusters: Luzon (January 20-23, 2016), Visayas (January 25-28, 2016) and Mindanao (January 17-20, 2016). It was participated by Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors, PENR Officers, Regional and PENRO NGP Coordinators. DENR Central Office Officials and Bureau Directors presented accomplishments and provided guidance to the participants on the implementation of DENR Programs.

Undersecretary Manuel D. Gerochi of Policy and Planning & Foreign Assisted Programs gave the opening message stressing the importance of operational planning. It was followed by Undersecretary Demetrio L. Ignacio of Field Operations giving instruction to field officials that the NGP target should be attained despite the budget cut. Other topics presented were Updates on PAMANA, NGP BUB targets, Status of Mangrove and Beach Forest Development, NGP Anti-corruption Accomplishments, DENR’s Outcomes Statement and Performance Information, and Financial and Administrative concerns. The Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Recovery Program, a new program of the Department, was introduced. Each region was tasked to distribute their CY 2016 NGP targets up to CENRO levels. Likewise, they are instructed to develop an implementation plan and corresponding work and financial plan for forest protection activities. It was agreed that the final outputs of the planning workshop be submitted on January 29, 2016.